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... +43 50 678910 Website ... Therapeutix. Two displays in the ticket counter hall show when the next bus or tram is due to leave. However, please note that there are certain changes on some lines in the evening and on Sundays.     Lines 3, 6 + 20: between Südtiroler Platz/Kunsthaus and Dietrichsteinplatz Their period of validity begins immediately at the time of purchase. ... MARIATROST n Unterer Plattenweg 50 bis Dr.-Eckener-Straße: ... bzw. Urban transport (city) lines in Graz, Leoben/Trofaiach, Bruck/Kapfenberg, Aichfeld and Kindberg have single digit or two-digit line numbers (e.g. Whether you will need a ticket to use the public transport network in Graz depends on which mode of transport you have used to travel to Graz: Of course, Graz airport is easy to get to by public transport: Graz airport is still in zone 101. 1, 31, 34E, 76U, N1). WIR ENTWICKELN GRAZ Liebe Grazerinnen und Grazer, Graz ist eine Stadt mit hoher Lebensqualität. If you use public transport, you need a valid ticket for the transport network. To walk to the ECML from Hotel Gollner (Schlögelgasse) or from hotels near the station takes approximately 10 minutes. Therefore, you can travel all the way to the airport – you can use any ticket that is valid for Graz for the trip. The network tickets for all journeys to Graz (destination: Graz) are also valid throughout zone 101. In Graz itself you can enter stops or addresses as your destination. Reihe 500 Frontmitfahrt von der Straßenbahn Haltestelle Kroisbach-Mariatrost, Reihe 500 frondride from the tram station Kroisbach-Mariatrost. If you are planning to stay in Graz for an extended period of time, you may want to consider buying the economical Graz 72-hours pass, which is available from all staffed ticket counters, ticket vending machines and the tram stop at Graz main station as well as in the trams themselves. )ˆ ˆ $ ( $ - - % ) ˙ ˘ / "ˆ 4 %% ˛ % ˝˛ ! +43 316 887 4224. 50% addr: =* 100%, OGD Graz 100% OGD Graz 100% OGD Graz 100% OGD Graz 100% OGD Graz 100%, OGD Graz 100% OGD Graz 100% ... Besteht eine Linie aus mehreren Routen (Hinweg, Rückweg, Varianten), werden diese hier zusammengefasst. The Graz 72-hours ticket is the best way to explore the city. pk1216. Schlossberg funicular: You are also free to use the funicular up to the Schlossberg with a network ticket. Travel with "The old town tram" through the town centre for free. In der Zeit von 7.20 bis 7.50 Uhr fahren zwei weitere Busse auf der Linie 52 und verdichten die Taktung somit auf nur drei Minuten! The Styrian network fare applies to all public transport in Graz. 29.09.2020 Graz, Graz As already reported, a @[322124651218554:274:IRIZAR] ieBus 12 has been tested on the Graz … Verbund Linie. This means that you do not need to buy another ticket to continue your trip with an urban line. Easily to and from Graz Airport by bus or train Public busses ensure a smooth and convinient transfer between Graz (main station / Jakominiplatz) and Graz Airport. Rome2rio displays up to date schedules, route maps, journey times and estimated … These tickets are also available with the Austrian Railways (ÖBB) ticket app. Reihe 580 Frontmitfahrt von der Straßenbahn Haltestelle Vinzenzgasse-Eggenberg, Type 580 frondride from the tram station … If you choose to use a suburban train, please buy your ticket on the platform from the ticket vending machine. Download ... Graz Linien. Available for € 12.90 per person in our tourist information in Herrengasse 16. Graz Linien . FlixBus Network tickets can be bought for any date. Graz is in zone 101. All tickets are available from the bus driver. From the South and East of Graz, bus line 64 (64E) will take you to St. Leonhard. 27K likes. The price for a one-way trip is EURO 2.50. For journeys in Graz you need a ticket for one zone. Graz Linien IRIZAR ieBus 12 als Linie 62 bei der Haltestelle Auster Sport- und Wellnessbad. From Jakominiplatz / Graz, bus lines 630/631 take you to the airport and stop directly in front of the check-in hall. Connecting Eastern Styria with the LKH Provincial Hospital, regional bus lines 300 to 471 as well as express bus lines X30 and X40 stop directly in front of the entrance building. Travelling with Bruce Recommended for you : +43 316 887 4224 >> Feedbackformular . However, a separate fare is applicable to the Schlossberg lifts. Between 4.30am and midnight you can also contact the permanent transport service of Graz lines: Tel. You can use any network line in these zones during the entire period of validity of the ticket. Die Graz Linien beschäftigen rund 800 Mitarbeiter. Die Liste der Linien der Graz Linien zeigt alle Straßenbahn- und Buslinien der Graz Linien auf.. Derzeit betreiben die Graz Linien (GL) acht Straßenbahnlinien, davon nur drei den ganzen Betriebstag (Linien 1, 5 und 7).Weitere drei verkehren bis zirka 20 Uhr (Linien 3, 4 und 6), ersatzweise werden abends zwei andere Linien geführt (Linien 13 und 26). : +43 316 23 11 99 In the trains of Graz-Köflach Railways (GKB) you can take your bicycle free of charge. Find all the transport options for your trip from Graz to Weiz right here. Link to the route planner. Alternatively, you can travel from Graz main train station to Graz airport with suburban train line S5. Rome2rio makes travelling from Graz to Weiz easy.     Lines 26: between Jakominiplatz and Dietrichsteinplatz. The Nightline in Graz (standard network fare) and the Saturday Nightline in the Liezen district (special … Online-Ticket Hotline. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Diese Linie wird von der Firma Gemeinsamer Verkehr betrieben. Linie G1 - Dr. Richard offers busses from Vienna to Graz. The zones for which you have paid are printed on the ticket. The network fare is applicable to all public transport systems of Styria. From the tram stop, cross Stiftingtalstraße road and walk up the stairs or take the elevator to the Information Centre. 29.09.2020 Graz, Graz As already reported, a @[322124651218554:274:IRIZAR] ieBus 12 has been tested on the Graz … From the stop at Graz airport you will need to walk approximately 600 metres on a … Bus lines 630 and 631 take you from Graz airport directly to the town centre of Graz (to the central hub on Jakominiplatz) where you can change to most urban transport lines. From Graz main train station and from the central hub on Jakominiplatz, tram line 7 will take you directly to the St. Leonhard/Klinikum Mitte stop at short intervals. To travel from Graz to Weiz, you need a ticket that covers four zones. Articulated bus in Graz. Every ticket for this zone is valid for all modes of public transport: tram and bus lines with single and two-digit line number, the Schlossberg funicular, regional buses with three-digit line number and all trains. Liebenau/MURPARK. Seven days a week, from the first to the last service, you can use free travel on the following tramlines and replacement buses: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 20 and 26. Als innovativer Dienstleister setzen die Graz Linien neben bekannten Standards wie Netzdichte, Qualität und Pünktlichkeit vor allem auf Kundenorientierung. You do not have to pay anything for your baggage. Diese Linie wird von der Firma Gemeinsamer Verkehr betrieben. Therefore, it is important to know where you are going. ˙ ˛ % - ˜# ! If you have any questions, please call our central service office: Mobil Zentral, Tel. The price for a one-way trip is EURO 2.50… Graz Linien IRIZAR ieBus 12 als Linie 62 bei der Haltestelle Auster Sport- und Wellnessbad. It is valid for 72 hours of travel from the time of validation on all public transport in Graz (fare zone 101), including the Schlossberg funicular. Erhalte Fahrpläne, Ankunftszeiten und Verbindungen auf einer Karte für alle Wiener Linien - Bus Bus Linien in Wien mit Moovit, der weltweiten #1 gratis ÖPNV APP für Android & iPhone You will then receive detailed travelling suggestions including a description of your journey and the relevant city map extracts. The bus stop is right outside the passenger terminal, right next to the departure area. In the Information Centre you will receive comprehensive information about the location of the various clinics and outpatient departments. +43 50 678910 will be happy to answer your questions. As of 1 January 2019, Graz had a population of 328,276 (292,269 of whom had principal-residence status). The hospital premises can be reached easily by public transport no matter which direction you come from. Tram lines 1, 3, 6 and 7 will take you from the main train station to the town centre (Hauptplatz-Congress stop) in approximately 10 minutes. It is open Mondays to Fridays between 7am and 5pm. Link to the timetables of all lines in Graz, From Graz main train station to the city centre. Timetable Bus & Train Link to the timetables of all lines in Graz (only in German), To plan your journey to Graz it is best to use our Route planner for information for arrivals from any point of departure in Austria. Diese Linie wird von der Firma Gemeinsamer Verkehr betrieben. Its duration of validity depends on the number of purchased zones and ranges from 1 to 6 hours. Electric bus in Graz. Thondorf. Network tickets can be passed on to another person – with the exception of six-month / twelve-month passes with photograph. In Graz you can buy a ticket for zone 101 in any public transport vehicle. Tram 1, 3, 6, 7 and bus 31, 32, 39 all pass through or start at Jakominiplatz which is the centre of public transport in Graz. This zone reaches far beyond the city limits, for instance all the way to the airport. Between Graz and Zagreb we found up to 9 bus departures, including 1 night bus.The earliest departure from Graz is at 02:30 arriving to Zagreb at 06:30.The latest departure is at 23:30 arriving at 02:50.Prices for a one way adult ticket range from 15 € to 19 €.Discounted tickets for children, students and pensioners are … The Graz-72-hour-ticket for bus, tram, Schlossberg-funicular and Schlossberglift is the most convenient and cost-effective way to get to and visit many of the museums and sights in Graz. The Nightlines run from Friday to Saturday night and from Saturday to Sunday night. Verbund Linie bus in Graz. Buses in the new Verbund Linie colours. The stop and the timetable are directly in front of the airport terminal. The Koralm Railway (German: Koralmbahn) is a 127 km-long double-track, electrified, high-speed railway that is under construction, and which will connect the Austrian cities of Graz and Klagenfurt.Construction started in 2001, and the entire railway line is expected to be operational by 2025. Steiermarkbahn und Bus GmbH (StB) also offer various rates on their lines.

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